About Us

The Fowl and Hare welcomes you. We are Marie and J.R. In 2016 we decided to leave Corporate America in Washington DC for a better more peaceful way of life. We are retired military and not "Spring Chickens". We moved to Bailey, NC and found the peaceful, more relaxed, friendly environment to feed our souls.

We began a journey to become more self sustainable and have learned to raise animals, grow our own food, preserve food and enjoy the simple things in life. Marie has always enjoyed gardening so naturally when we moved to Bailey she (with the help of J.R.) continued to grow vegetables. Unbeknownst to J.R., Marie had planned on expanding on growing food for the family. Turkeys were the first animal to appear on the homestead, followed by chickens, and rabbits. Last year Idaho Pasture Pigs joined the family. We now have protein in abundance.

We work hard to raise our animals ethically and with respect. We want them to have their best life. All of our animals are given fresh pasture and proper feed. We believe in a two prong system ensuring that they have the best nutrition to meet their needs. This approach ensures that we are producing high quality protein.

As we have been fortunate enough to be abundantly blessed, we are able to offer homestead products to others. We grow quality meat in chickens and turkeys. We will be offering Eggs, Chicken, and Turkey for sale throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feed your families. Thank you for joining us on our journey.


1) We are a family Homestead. We love and support our family.

2) We construct and use a multipurpose and portable infrastructure. Our housing and feeding of the animals is constantly evolving. We both bring the food to animals and bring the animals to the food. Providing feed to them and pasture grazing.

3) We run a strict budget for our Homestead. The animals come before extras for us.

4) We are lifetime learners. Constant education about both land and animals is key. We want to work with the land and the needs of our animals in the most efficient and healthy way.

5) We strive to better the land for the long term as well as the short term.

6) We work to build strong relationships with our consumers. We want to build a community of mutual respect and understanding. We want our consumers to know where their food comes from and how it is raised. We are always open to helping you to understand how we do it.