We are now accepting orders on turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. Our turkeys are heritage turkeys raised right here on The Fowl and Hare Homestead.

How to order: Place orders by emailing us at Turkeys are $7.49 per pound. Simply indicate which size turkey you would prefer from the table below. 

Size Weight     Deposit 

Small 8-10 lbs.       $45.00

Large       12-14 lbs.       $50.00

NOTE: Deposits are due at time of order and are non-refundable. 

Payment can be made via Paypal (thefowlandhare), Venmo (thefowlandhare) or Cashapp ($thefowlandhare).


  Part Price Per Pound

  Whole $6.25

  Boneless Skinless Breast       $10.00

  Leg Quarters         $3.50

  Wings $7.50

   Broth Bones $2.00