Our Rabbits


She is our best Momma. Sweet and caring, calm and patient she raises the best bunnies.


Much like the cartoon character he is always full of character. Whether it is his changing coat or his Houdini act of getting out of his cage, he keeps us on our toes.


This gorgeous girl is the daughter of Bugs and Lola. Named after her beautiful calico coat, her fur is as full and soft as a chinchilla.


This special girl is the daughter of Athena and Bugs. She loves pets and is always up for a visit.


The matriarch of the group. She is also a good momma to her bunnies, although getting pregnant is not her favorite.


Bugs' favorite girl. She look like every storybook rabbit. She is fiesty and defends her babies ferociously.


He is the son of Lola and Bugs. He was born all black and was named for Edgar Allen Poe. Following in his father's footsteps his coat changed as he got older.


Nicknamed "Big Daddy" He is our best bunny maker. A calm and gentle bunny maker, he is the Patriarch of our group.